Blending Coworking, Relaxation, Wellness And Local Experiences In A Creative Village,

Zeitgeist was built specifically for today’s nomadic travellers and creatives.

Zeitgeist Bodrum, A Frequent Destination For Those Who Assimilate Freedom.

With its self-renewing energy, ecological conditions and high-level infrastructure, it combines naturality with technology.

We give a zero carbon footprint its true value.

We believe that our planet should not be endangered and our forests, which are natural habitats, should not be harmed. For this reason, we are proud to say that the Zeitgeist project will be an off-grid, self-sufficient and eco-conscious campus in Bodrum.


The underground waters, which are defined as sacred in the region and flow unusually close to the surface, provide Bodrum with mineral-rich and clean water. With the system we have created, we use the underground fresh water flowing just below our campus


Energy will be generated from solar panels that will be installed on top of the watch tower after being stored in a battery located in the powerhouse at the base of the watch tower.


In addition to our own compost system, no pollutants will end up in the soil or waterways, thanks to each home's public toilets and restaurant's own underground eco-friendly bio-digester.


Zeitgeist was built as a living space integrated with the environment. Our buildings are made from locally sourced materials. We bring an innovative touch to wood, stone and traditional earthen building materials

Discover UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were established to create a better world by 2030 by ending poverty, tackling inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change. It is now our responsibility to work together to build a better future for all.

Inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goals

Today, we know that it is necessary to reduce our carbon footprint in order to live tomorrow, and that we must make personal and social efforts to protect the green, soil, clouds and nature. Today, with the contribution of all of us, we can change tomorrow. We start this journey from Bodrum…