Zeitgeist Forest

Why Zeitgeist Forest?

We aim to plant one million trees by 2025 as part of the fight against climate change.

Nature has given us our jobs in many ways, and we see it as our own responsibility to give back. The threats to the environment from rising CO2 levels are severe and getting worse every day, and planting trees is one of the most efficient and effective ways to help lower these levels. Planting trees tropical planting projects repair ecosystems, increase biodiversity and alleviate poverty, and of course sequester carbon to help mitigate climate change.

However, we also know that planting trees is not the “answer” on its own. We need to support people around the world who preserve existing forests and mature trees and who fully care for other habitats beyond the trees. We will continually evaluate our efforts in tree planting and other areas, working with inspiring organizations to discover how we can most effectively do our part to fight climate change.

With its self-renewing energy, ecological conditions and high-level infrastructure, we bring nature together with technology in Zeitgeist Bodrum. We work for a sustainable environment with sustainable solutions against the climate crisis.

Touching nature and be hope for tomorrow with your donations!

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